What is SnipBox®

SnipBox® is a technology startup in Los Angeles, California. SnipBox® will be a cloud-based web platform that provides easy access to a growing number of professional, digital filmmaking software tools.

With SnipBox®, content creators can:

  • Work with each other globally and simultaneously
  • Access professional software tools
  • Store project files in the cloud
  • Manage collaborative projects
  • Distribute the finished project


Many film and digital artists, especially students, lack access to affordable professional tools such as:

  • Screenwriting software
  • Visual effect packages
  • Digital film editors
  • Sound production tools

Nor is it possible to find all these in a single collaborative platform.

Finding experts within Post Production is often a problem and collaborating across departments can be unsustainable especially in a distributed environment.


SnipBox® solves the problem by bringing the studio experience online. SnipBox®will integrate pre production, media development, post production, project management, and community interaction in one cloud-based application.

SnipBox® will:

  • Allow producers to assemble and manage a production team
  • Allow artists to create and manage their contributions to multiple productions
  • Support full production cycle
  • Provide multiple levels of secure access to projects
  • Provide intellectual property security

SnipBox® will enable worldwide collaboration for artists, technicians, and developers to create twenty-first century media.

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